Agricultural workshop

The Officina Meccanica EREA SRL, located in Candia Lomellina in the Province of Pavia, in the heart of the fertile agricultural Lomellina area, where the rice fields alternating with fields of corn and soybeans, and where the poplar trees frame the rivers and canals, it is proposed as a reliable partner to all the farms in the area and all the constructors of Agricultural Machinery for repair work, maintenance and modification of various types of agricultural equipment.

In addition to all types of extemporaneous repairs, due to breakage in the field, for which the workshop has a fully-equipped van, interventions that occur with some frequency, and on which we have developed considerable experience, are:

  • Repair rotation pins reversible plows: It 's the most subject to wear part in all reversible plows. Our workshop can intervene on any model of plow either to make repairs either replacements to operate.
  • Plows reconditioning: Despite some new agronomic indications, such as minimum tillage, tend to confine the plow in a more marginal role than in the past, this tool is still largely used. As all the farmers know, in the plow there are few points more vulnerable than others. Often, especially in the absence of structural tare, is much more convenient, than the replacement of the entire plow, subjecting the tool to a reconditioning consisting in the replacement of worn parts and in the maintenance of all the remaining components.
  • Repair and rebuilding of tracks for Combine Harvester and earth moving: In the land of rice, where the combines for the most part run on steel tracks, the Workshop Agricola EREA SRL is able to offer assistance even in the field. Once in the workshop track is subjected to meticulous analysis and, if they are necessary replacements, is used, where possible, genuine parts otherwise it is usual to use rollers and catenaries Berco that are recognized to be among the best on the market.
  • Replacing working parts of harrows: rotary harrow teeth vertical, fixed-tooth harrows, disc harrow, teeth vibrating harrow find at the Officina Meccanica EREA SRL a qualified service point at which to perform maintenance and repairs. We are able to interface directly with the largest domestic manufacturers of agricultural machinery such as Maschio Gaspardo, Alpego, Breviglieri, Ma/ag, Dondi and many others to get spare parts needed for repairs.
  • Mulchers and hedge mower blades Replacement: The Maintenance of mulchers and hedge trimmers for both Farms and Company that deal in green management, is a very important moment to maintain the good condition of machinery and safety conditions for the operators. In fact, given the high speed of rotation of the carving knives, each small anomaly of balance, due to breakages or abnormal consumption, can lead to extremely dangerous situations . Even in this case, the Officina Meccanica EREA SRL is able to provide assistance for structural repairs or maintenance.
  • Axis Levellers for Paddy Repair: In every rice farm there is an axis leveller, otherwise known as the axis for paddy field. Even in farms where the seeding is practiced generally by the method of dry sowing, the axis levellers turns out to be a necessary tool to deal with those years when bad weather requires the sowing into the water. The constant rubbing against water and earth of the blade and the bodies entrusted to trace little furrows, within which the seed settles and will germinate protected of the wind, causes, over time, considerable wear. At the Officina Meccanica EREA SRL rice growers will be able to find assistance for repairs and maintenance both ordinary and extraordinary.
  • Snowplow Blades repair and maintenance: The sector that deals with the winter road maintenance, and using snowplough blades to be applied either before and behind a tractor, find by the Officina Meccanica EREA SRL an assistance point particularly competent and suitable both for ordinary maintenance and for repairs regarding also the structural parts of the snowplough.




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After thirty years of experience Officina Meccanica Zuccotti gives life to a new company: Officina Meccanica EREA SRL