Coating for Tools

The Officina Meccanica EREA SRL since decades, is active in the construction and coating of the tools used in hammer mills for wood.

rough hammers

The presence in Lomellina area of the processing of poplar wood industry  and recycled wood for the production of chipboard, has made possible a great experience relating to the construction and maintenance problems of hammers mills.

The hammers are made with blades of steel C50, a hardened and tempered steel suitable to withstand high loads and, most importantly, impacts. The coating is done with specific products, suitable to realize armor plates on steel parts. The material reported on hammers by welding, provides significant percentages of Carbon, Silicon, Manganese and Chromium. The presence of these elements contributes to improve the mechanical performance of the tools, in particular regarding the impact resistance.

robotic welding

The refinement of the construction technique achieved by EREA SRL has reached a very advanced level. In fact, the processes of production and coating of the tools, with materials that preserve the functionality and extends its useful life, are almost completely automated.

hammers with hole and welding

The workshop, in fact, has two robotized stations that can be used to make the deposition of a suitable thickness of coating material on the edge of the hammers for mills. The deposition of the material by means of a robotized process guarantees that the quantity of reposited material on the tool is practically the same on each hammer.

packaged hammers

Consequently, although the high rotation speed of these tools, the vibrations of the mill are contained within the acceptable levels expected in the design phase.

wrapped pallets

After the production cycle hammers for mills, properly packaged in numbered groups, are stacked on pallets covered with plastic film and prepared for delivery.

Flash News

After thirty years of experience Officina Meccanica Zuccotti gives life to a new company: Officina Meccanica EREA SRL