Floating Barges Maintenance

Officina Meccanica EREA srl, thanks to the spacious working area at its disposal and equipment that can handle as well components of considerable size, proposes itself as reliable and competent partner for maintenance, repair and modification of floating barges or modular pontoons .

Barge before maintinance

These floating structures are used in the extraction of the inert, in the maintenance of port areas and channels, in setting up structures or recreational areas of support to tourist establishment or hotel.

The pontoons and floating barges are structures usually built in modules. It follows that the inspection activities and the subsequent maintenance activity is performed on the single parts.

Fore module

It 'very important, also, that the activity of pre testing, performed in the workshop to verify the welding and the repair made, is performed very carefully on each individual module.

In that regard each structural component that contributes to the flotation of entire barge is filled with water in our workshop in order to verify that each module is perfectly watertight.

Each module pretesting

The floating pontoons and barges, having to spend their existence in water, must be adequately prepared to deal with the attacks of corrosion and rust.

For this reason there is provided, at first, to protect all the welds with an appropriate nautical sealant while, in a second time, the entire structure is covered with primers capable of opposing to corrosion but which, at the same time, serve as the basis for the subsequent painting phase .

welds protection


The painting is made using appropriate glazes for the type of environment and use to which it is intended the boat instead the color is chosen according to the customer specifications.


Officina Meccanica EREA srl, if required, is able to organize the transport and supervise the assembly operations at the site where the floating barge will be placed.



Captain Achab

Equipped barge

Equipped barge

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