Warheads Combine harvesters Repair

The harvester head picker is subjected to normal wear due to the contact with the ground and with the harvest, as known in the case of rice, has a power of abrasion rather significant.

Harvester head picker

Harvester head picker, consisting of the reel that accompanies the crop to the cutting blade and the auger that leads the crop to the elevators that precede the threshing system, represents one of the components that can undergo breakage caused by operating errors or the accidental introduction of extraneous materials.

In these unfortunate circumstances the damage caused to the mechanical components in movement can be quite significant and occur, typically, in the form of bending, twisting or breakage.

Officina Meccanica EREA Ltd., operating in the heart of the rice area, is often called to repair work, reconstruction or rebuilding of entire pieces placed on the harvesting head of combine.

Due to normal wear and tear, perhaps accelerated by not perfect cleaning during garaging, it is sometimes necessary to rebuild the bottom of the cutting head.

Bottom of the cutting head

In the case of accidental introduction of extraneous materials or abnormal supply of the threshing system, it's possible to undergo torsion and bending of the screw conveyor that directs the crop inside the combine.

In these circumstances it is necessary to replace and rebuild the damaged parts in order to return to this fundamental component, which, with its retractable fingers is one of the principal contributors to of the correct feeding of threshing mechanism, the correct functionality

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