Iron Wheels for paddy fields

Located in Candia Lomellina, almost at the confluence of the provinces of Pavia, Vercelli, Novara and Alessandria, Officina Meccanica EREA SRL is located in the heart of the rice-growing area in the Po Valley.

In these territories, as always, rice is grown in submersion for which, with the introduction of agricultural mechanization, it was necessary to equip tractors, coming into paddy, with iron wheels capable of providing bearing capacity and traction while minimizing the damage Caused by the tractor on waterlogged soils.

More recently there has also been the spread of rice cultivation in dry paddy fields. In this case, if the weather conditions allow it, the first few farming operations can be performed with wheels equipped rubber tires; later, however, the subsequent agronomic interventions need also in this case, the use of steel wheels for paddy field.

The large number of models of tractors destined getting into the water represents, for the manufacturer of wheels, one of the critical factors on which sizing and realize the iron wheel for paddy fields able to conveniently observe the the ratio between the diameters of the front wheel and the one of the rear wheel. The designing and the capacity of the iron wheel for paddy, more suitable for each model of tractor, must also consider the weight distribution between the front and rear axle of the tractor.

The problems mentioned above, of course, did not occur during the production of steel wheels for paddy field to be used on machines which trailed crop protection sprayers or trailers fertilizer spreaders. In these cases, the iron wheels for paddy field, clearly without spikes, must be dimensioned in according to the loads to which they are subjected, and according to the bearing capacity of the soil in which they work.

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