Roller Crimper - Models of the line Rollo by Erea

The mechanical workshop Erea srl, aware of the different conditions that present in agronomic practice, in order to meet the multiple needs of the customer, has created a line of rollers crimper which differ in mechanical and functional characteristics.

The Rollers Crimper line, called Rollo by EREA, developed over years of experience in the field, currently includes four reference models that have the following basic characteristics:

1) Rollo Standard

It represents the most versatile model suitable for agricultural companies that do not require extreme performance. It is a rugged Roller Crimper, able to accomplish a great deal of work. The roller cylinder, equipped with a special screw cap, allows ballasting with water in order to allow satisfactory set-up flexibility according to the different operating conditions. The machine is equipped with a footrest and clearance lights.

All the rollers of the Rollo by Erea line, in case you want to obtain a more incisive action on the vegetation that you want to break down and condition, can be equipped with optional cutting blades, in steel C50 particularly resistant to wear, which enhance the ability to destroy plant material.

Rollo Standard equipped with cutting blades

optional cutting blades optional cutting blades

In the following film you can see a Rollo Standard model, equipped with optional cutting blades working on corn stalks.

2) Rollo Evo

For all those situations where it is necessary to use a tool with a greater weight, the company Erea srl, has developed a heavier model using, in the construction phase, components of steel of greater thickness.

Rollo Evo models ready for delivery

Of course also in this case it is possible to ballast the machine with water as it is always present the hole filling / purge.

Crimper Roller - Rollo Evo30 model

The Rollo Evo model, as the name suggests, is none other than the evolution of the Rollo Standard model developed to obtain a machine with the highest weight and therefore able, under certain circumstances, to obtain optimal agronomic results even in extreme situations.

Roller Crimper - Rollo Evo30 model

3) Rollo Extend

For special workings under foliage or long rows the company Erea srl has developed a model of Roller Crimper able to extend laterally by means of a hydraulic piston. In this way the tractor can remain in the center of the row while the roller can operate effectively close to the plant.

Crimper Roller - Rollo Extend model Crimper Roller - Rollo Extend model

Crimper Roller - Rollo Extend model

The operator, directly from the driver's cab, is able to manage, by means of a suitable hydraulic piston, a displacement of 500 mm of the roller.

Crimper Roller - Rollo Extend model

In the following film you can see the Roller Crimper, model Rollo Extend, at work in an Apulian olive grove.

Result of the intervention after a few days.

4) Rollo Reverse

It is a Crimper Roller, with a vertical frame, which, by presenting hooks for the tractor's lifting on both sides of the frame, can be conveniently attached to both the front and rear lifts without reducing the effectiveness of the work. This type of roller, also known as Floating Roller, thanks to its vertical frame allows you to apply additional ballast in addition to the usual filling with water.


The table below summarizes the main technical and dimensional characteristics of the Crimper Rolls that make up the line Rollo by EREA. Starting from these basic models, which cover most of the needs related to the folding of cover crops up to the real mulching, Erea srl is able to prepare customized solutions based on the individual needs of the farmer.

Technical features Linea Rollo by EREA
Model Diameter Weight (Kg.) Dimensions (mm.)
Roller (mm.) As Is Ballast Length Height Depth
Rollo Standard25 620 640 240 2480 1020 950
Rollo Standard30 620 820 300 3180 1020 950
Rollo Evo25 708 820 380 2480 1070 950
Rollo Evo30 708 1020 520 3180 1070 950
Rollo Extend18 620 600 180 1800 1020 950
Rollo Extend20 620 2000 1020 950
Rollo Reverse25 620 660 240 2480 1500 1250
Rollo Reverse30 620 840 300 3180 1500 1250

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