Roller Crimper

The Roller Crimper created by the company Erea Srl is characterized by extreme robustness and simplicity of construction.

This tool is used in all those agronomic techniques oriented to obtaining agricultural products produced by no-tillage methods.

Roller Crimper Roller Crimper
Roller Crimper

As you can guess from the name, roller crimper, this machine is used to fold the cover crop to obtain a thick layer of organic material that acts as a natural mulch.

This layer of plant residual is able to delay and control the germination of weeds. Furthermore, its presence contrasts the moisture evaporation contained in the soil and creates an environment that is extremely favorable to the microbiological activity that has so much importance in the soil fertility.

Roller Crimper

Depending on the growth of the cover crop and the bearing capacity of the soil, the roller can be loaded introducing water inside. The tool is in fact equipped with a plug for filling and bleeding.

Roller Crimper

The particular shape of the fins it makes that the tool is not subjected to jolts during use

Roller Crimper by EREA

Finally, it should be noted that the Roller Crimper of Erea Srl company is CE certified

In the video below you can see the Roller Crimper of the Erea Srl company in the work phase on a particularly grown cover crop.

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