Rotors pretesting in workshop

The maintenance activity made on crushing rotors installed on shredders must be, necessarily, accurate and precise.

The tools such as rostra and teeth which are applied on the rollers, which work with a opposed rotary motion, must be placed between them in appropriate distances and with the correct inclination.

Aware of these necessary precautions, the Officina Meccanica EREA srl has created a specific equipment with which can perform in workshop, at the end of the maintenance and reconditioning operations, the pre-testing to verifying the correct operation of the rotors .

To ensure efficient execution of this service the customer must indicate to Officina Meccanica EREA the center distance between the two rotors Shredding and the "point of phase" for the synchronization of the rollers.

This additional service is able to drastically minimize the expensive modification and setup activity, also in terms of machine downtime, which may become necessary during the installation of rotors reconditioned at the site of the customer.

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