Industrial shredders for waste treatment

The industry that deals with the treatment of waste and the consequent recovery of recyclable materials is a context in which the Officina Meccanica EREA srl. can claim an extensive experience.

In the context of the waste treatment Industry the wear to which are subjected to shredding the rollers and tools installed on them is certainly higher than that which occurs in the wood industry.

In this area too some industrial processing steps are based on the use of shredders and grinders that within them are equipped with rollers subjected to extreme working conditions. For this type of machinery, generally, the shredding rotors are more robust and more compact than those used in the crushing of wood.

shredding rotors opposed

However, also in this context, Officina Meccanica EREA, where the type of shredder has two opposed rollers, is able to perform the service of pre testing at its own workshop of the rotors revised and reconditioned.

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