Hammel's shredding rotors Maintenance
The presence in Lomellina area of the wood recycling industry allowed Officina Meccanica Erea Ltd to get  specialized in the maintenance of very complex machines such as the HAMMEL Primary Shredders Recyclingtechnik GmbH, a German market leader in the field of machinery for the recycling. Hammel

Of these powerful machines, whose job is to operate a primary crushing of material to be recycled, the organs most subject to wear and tear, as you can imagine, are the shredding rotors, two large and sturdy metal cylinders, equipped with tools and rostra , working in pairs using an opposed rotary motion.

Worn rotor

The shredding rotors reconditioning activity includes a first phase of removal of all worn parts. In practice, it provides for the removal of the external part of each tool holder disk. In this way, all cutters and worn rostra are removed.

Removing worn tools

Shredding rotors without tools

Meanwhile, thanks to the two robotic lines of which is equipped Officina Meccanica Erea srl, steps were taken to cover the new tools that will be installed on the rotor with a layer of an appropriate wearproof material which gives the blades and rostra a greater resistance and durability.

Shredding rotors with new tools

The tool holders crowns are welded to the old hardware obtaining, in this way, a complete regeneration of the shredding rotor that can then be remounted on the Hammel's primary shredder to deal with renewed efficiency further processing cycles.

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