Tractors cabs modify

It can happen, especially for new models with innovative features, that just mount steel wheels for paddy, the doors of the cab of the tractor does not allow access to the driver. In these cases the worst choice would be to ... throw the tractor! It's better, instead, contact the Workshop Mechanics EREA SRLthat is able to prepare solutions and prototypes can also be replicated by the manufacturers after appropriate approval.

The equipment of a tractor with Wheels for paddy field certainly represents a critical moment because, depending on the diameter of the wheel that you want to use and the type of spike chosen, you can find with heavy access restrictions to the driving position.

In certain situations, such as that represented in the photo below, due to the utilization of extremely pronounced spikes, the door opening is practically inhibited. In these cases, at the workshop EREA is possible to make modifications and adaptations to the cabin according to the structural constraints of the project inherent in the original design of the cabin.

problem with the door

As can be seen from the two photos below, in certain cases, the realization of hinges which determine a anterolateral movement allows the door of the cab to straddle the spikes of the iron Wheel for paddy field, thereby allowing the operator to access to the cabin.



When, however, the solution proposed above is not adequate and the access of the operator is prevented, artisan skill of the mechanical workshop EREA SRL is able to produce solutions "tailored" for each model of tractor. In the two pictures below shows the structural changes realizzed ​​on a door of a cabin made ​​for a Kubota tractor intended to mount steel wheels for paddy field.

best solution



As can be seen from the previous figure, the adoption of hinges able to determine a movement "forward" of the door, makes it possible opening even in the presence of particularly important obstacles .

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