Iron Wheels for paddy field Repair and Maintenance

The paddy field iron wheels during their use are subjected to very hard wear and tear conditions. The speed at which the wheels get consumed is strongly influenced by the grain size and the texture of the soil in which they are used.

In fact, the constant friction, both of covering sheet and spikes, against the soil particles imbued with water which is realized during the rolling of the wheel leads to a faster consumption of materials.

front wheel worn back wheel worn

The normal operation of spikes replacement, that all rice farmers know very well, is made at the Officina Meccanica Erea srl, according to the needs of the customer who will choose the most suitable type of spike in relation to the characteristics of their soil.

spike back replaced spikes

When the state of wear of the iron wheels for paddy is not excessive and the structural parts are still in acceptable conditions, it would be convenient to submit these essential tools of rice farmer to maintenance and reconditioning as an alternative to replacement with new paddy wheels.

back wheel remanufactured

The reconditioning operation involves the removal of worn parts and replacing all the spikes and the cover sheets.

reconditioned steel wheels

The Officina Meccanica Erea Srl has accrued, even in this type of activity, a good experience that allows on the one hand to assess the actual state of wear of the wheels and on the other to perform this type of work, where deemed appropriate, in order to make it convenient than replacing it with new paddy wheels .

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