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The Erea mechanical workshop considers technological innovation a cornerstone of its business.

For this reason the machines used in the company are constantly being updated or renewed in order to use the most innovative technologies.

The recent introduction into the company of a laser cutting machine, based on Fibra technology, represents the last conspicuous investment made in the wake of this policy of technological improvement and search for economic competitiveness.

Laser Fiber Technologies

The arrival of this new Laser Fibra represented an opportunity to restructure both the organization of work flows and the actual production processes in order to provide a precise and fast Third Party Processing service.

The Technical Office is able to receive, elaborate and possibly modify, by agreement with the Customer, the project drawings from which to produce the input files to the numerically controlled machines.

Technical Office

The Administration, using the information coming from the Technical and working closely with the management, is able to deal the relationship with the customer in order to prepare the estimate in quick times.

As soon as an order arrives in the company, it is taken in charge, followed and checked in all the various steps until the complete realization of all the processes contained therein.


Production. Processing in a Third Party can take place at different levels. The Mechanical Workshop Erea, in fact, can provide the cutt of the components or also the assembly of the manufactured articles.

In the first case Erea provides laser cutting, with Fiber technology, and takes care of packing the pieces obtained on pallets (or other suitable support). The Company also arranges, if requested, to ship to the destination address by courier or it is able, by means of forklifts and other equipment present in the company, to carry out the loading on the customer's vehicle.


In the second case, the most usual one, Erea also takes care of the assembly of the parts since the company has all the machinery required to carry out a modern and efficient metallic carpentry. Furthermore, the seriousness and preparation of the workers constitute an irreplaceable added value.

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Bending machines

Bending machines





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