Tools for Shredders

Officina Meccanica EREA srl can realize most of the tools to be applied to the shredding rotors.

Accessories, such as teeth and rostra that are used on the reels of the Hammel primary shredder, for example, are made in our workshop and can be supplied to customers in the rough mode or coated, in the parts most subject to use, by an anti-wear material layer which increases the useful life of the tool.

tools for shredders

If the technical drawings are provided, the Officina Meccanica Erea srl can make the most of tools and accessories for every type of shredder on the market and also can take care of the maintenance and reconditioning of the rotors shredding.

 teeth and rostra

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After thirty years of experience Officina Meccanica Zuccotti gives life to a new company: Officina Meccanica EREA SRL